Wednesday, December 26, 2007

aaaand in the "karma's a bitch" category:

I had a blowout today. I hit a nasty pothole on Preston Road, on my way to pick up Archie for the movie. KABOOM. Front passenger side tire was wasted. Lost both hubcaps on that side. We pulled into the parking lot at Mockingbird and Preston, called Archie (who walked up just in time to assist) changed the tire, and turned around to head to the Inwood for the 4:30 showing of Enchanted. As we get headed that direction, and I'm showing him this nasty pothole, he yells "girl, is that your hubcap?" It was actually *both* my hubcaps. So the story ends well.

We missed the movie though. We get to eat at Mariano's as consolation.