Monday, August 20, 2007

oh, man! The Sidekick tried to call someone last night. I was trying to play Sonic the Hedgehog. And, apparently, I am unable to master the basic mechanics of this phone. Because behind the lulling "ting alingle ling" noise that it makes when Sonic is gathering rings, I heard a different ringing. And it took me a second to figure out just what the crap that noise was. I mashed the red "end" button, and looked in the call log to see what the deuce was going on. Oh shit.

I would not have tried to call this someone. I especially would not have tried to call this person at 2:00 am, Dallas time. A) I don't know if they're in Dallas right at the moment 2) I don't call anyone after midnight, unless it's been previously arranged and #) I'm kind of, sort of, you know, waiting for him to call me. Playing a little hard to get. Being coy. He who speaks first, loses. All that stuff.

Which, we all know, is patently ridiculous. Playing it cool is the antithesis of my style.