Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm supposed to be off work tonight. I requested off. I have tickets to a show. I am going to dinner. There's a whole plan.

I do not yet know for sure if I am off work tonight. The schedule started yesterday. It runs Thursday through Wednesday. I went yesterday to pick up my schedule and it wasn't posted. The people who had to work yesterday didn't know if they had to work! I assume the boss called the relevant people.

I am pretty pissed about this. I am trying to have a life outside of working. If I don't know when the hell I am working, I don't know when to plan things. If I don't know when to plan things, then I don't plan things. If I don't plan things, I don't have a social life. If I don't have a social life, I just stay in my house, watching my fingernails grow. Exciting stuff.

I have repeatedly complained about this aspect of my job. We never know when the hell we're working until the day of. I have talked to managers about it. I don't care what you've got going on. You have to have our schedule posted before it begins!

If you want me to work or attend an event or help you out at the office, I need more than five minutes notice.

I hate surprises.