Thursday, April 12, 2007

question: What is the latest that you will go into a movie? Let's say you were running a bit behind. It happens. How late before you'd say "I am not going." Last night, my friends were 13 minutes late for Grindhouse. I passed them the bottle of wine they'd asked me to buy, and I left. They were both quite shocked. Sorry. But also, no.

I don't go into movies late. I just don't do it. I don't mind missing the commercials that are so prevalent at the start nowadays. I do not miss the trailers. Because I am not late. I am in the place I said I would be, at the time I said I would be there. Why is that so difficult for the rest of the world?

If a movie starts at 10pm, wouldn't you be there by, say, 9:55pm? If your shift starts at 4pm, shouldn't you be there a few minutes early? Your shift doesn't start at 4:07pm. It starts at 4pm. Same with hairdressers, doctors, and interviews. You should always be a few minutes early.

I am not a tardy person. I am only fastidious in this one particular domain. I will pick out clothes days in advance. I allot myself 30 minutes of driving time. Unless where I am traveling is further than 20 miles away. Then, I increase it exponentially, based on the distance. But, if I am more than five minutes late, and haven't gotten in touch, or more than 15 minutes late, even if I have gotten in touch, something is wrong.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, watch me be late to something :)