Sunday, March 11, 2007

I was all "I am up so early!" And then I was all "Why do the phone and the clock say different times?" And then I remembered the time change. So, I lost an hour. It's not just me. Everyone lost that hour. Means summer's just around the corner, though. Of course it also means that I have only four hours until work. I thought I had five. Again, it's not much of a difference, but it's an hour.

I can do a lot of things in an hour. I can do two loads of laundry. I can vacuum the entire house, bathrooms included. I can watch American Justice, without fast-forwarding the commercials. I can get a haircut. I can get a wax. I can buy shoes. I could take Lu on a big walk. I can get an oil change. I can drive to Colleyville. I could polish off an entire Entertainment Weekly, with time to spare. I can listen to several albums.

I think instead of sitting here, typing, I am going to go and do some of those things. Because I still have four hours.