Sunday, March 18, 2007

all right. We did not make the parade. We overslept. Because our party had already started when I composed that late night post down there *points*

So, we got up at like 11:30-ish, and went to meet Noel and Jacob down at some friend's house. And then we walked up the block. As that the block happens to be one where "He We Do Not Speak Of" lives, we were a bit hesitant. But we made it there in about a beer. We hit the middle of Greenville. We walked into the gates, and got beers immediately. And things didn't seem bad. And then, suddenly, the crowd swelled. We were walking towards the Blue Goose, and we could not make it through. We went from standing with 5,000 people to standing with, like 20,000 people. We could not move. Smang wanted to know how I wasn't going mental. I pointed at my nearly-empty beer, and said "this is how we do it." She didn't even want the rest of her beer. J, N and I split it up. I figured out another, better way to get her to relax. And then, we got hungry. And the boys wanted to do some shots. So, have fun with that.

We took 20 minutes to walk through the crush of humanity to get to Cafe Brazil. Then we waited for 30 more minutes to get a table. And then we ate. And while I got some coffee, some French dude tried to snag my date. And got denied. And then, we were officially over the block party. So we left. There was a ridiculous line to get in. A line at least two blocks long. So many people! And then, HWDNSO crossed Greenville directly in front of us. Smang grabbed my arm, and whisperyelled "Is that..." Her voice trailed off. I replied, oh so quietly, "Of course it is."

Then, we finally got to the car. And we called the Clucker. Decided on a plan to go to my wine bar for some champagne. Like it's hard to talk me into that. Although, it's kind of douchey of me to go in there on my one night off, to celebrate Smang's birth. Whatever.

So, we got dressed up, and headed out. The restaurant was empty when we got there. We ordered drinks, and snacks, and we had a tremendous time. And we drank a bottle of G.H. Mumm and then a bottle of Black Bart's Bride. And then we was drunk. Then the Clucker had to go handle her Clucker business. Smang and I headed off into the night, (she had to drive, because I was drunk) came home, and watched Super Troopers until we passed out. It was a totally awesome Saturday.

bonus: everyone, come see how good [we] look!