Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ten years in Dallas are gone. I celebrated my teniversary by working. It was slow, but that's to be expected, as it was a Monday, a holiday, and very, very cold.

I woke up this morning, and it's snowing. I still have to drive to Uptown, to be ready to teach my yoga class. I don't know that anyone will brave the snow. I wouldn't. Brownie is laying at the sliding patio door, just wishing she could go out there again. To quote Joey McIntyre, circa 19994's re-imagining, she's a Dirty Dawg.

This Sunday, I am going to work at the Plano branch of my wine bar. I have never been to the Plano one. Not even during the two years of dating The Flake, who hails from Plano, did I ever go there. Hell, until I worked at the Uptown wine bar, I had only gone there once. I have, however, been working for this company since August of 2004. Save for six months, when I thought I should have a big girl's job. Except, what, exactly, is a "big girl's job"?

And now that we're more than halfway through the first month of 2007, I give you Predictions:

I will read three Shakespeare plays in 2007.
My mom and I will see a Broadway show together in 2007. On Broadway, too. Not a summer touring version, that comes to either of our cities.
After having a passport for four years, and not once using it, I will go to Europe in 2007.
I will finally go out on a date again sometime in 2007.
I will buy some ridiculous make-up, for no other reason than they call it "limited edition", in 2007.
I will think about getting a smaller car, in 2007. *eyes the Mini*
I will rock the party that rocks the body, in 2007.