Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have a crush on this extremely hot hairdresser. Sweet jebus, he is so fine! He's all tattooed, and always looks sharp and put together. I think it's his eyes. He has brownish-golden eyes. I am too dweebed out to actually talk to him. Instead, I just smile a lot. I come off as slightly mental that way. Which, we all know, is super-attractive to the opposite sex. *purrs*

This morning, as we were walking out the front door, Smang started whispering my name.


She almost never calls me that. It's always Dude or Squatch or Miss Joyce. "Look, there he is!" The coyote was in our yard. We tiptoed over to the sliding glass patio door. There, in the part of our yard where's there's no fence, I saw him. We've named him Wiley. Or maybe it's a girl. I don't know. I am not afraid of the coyote. I have responded to his presence by banging on the door. Smang thought that was nuts. It turns out that making a lot of noise is one of the things you should do, should you encounter a coyote.