Friday, December 08, 2006

Smang and I made our first joint holiday trip to The Mall last night. We got there a little late, so the SPCA store was already closed. I think that's for the best, since there are already four animals living here. And seeing as I cannot handle all the fauna that live here now... The domesticated fauna aren't bad. It's the terrifying creatures outside the house I can't deal with.

I spent some time yesterday Googlestalking exes. Not like The Ex or The Flake or anything. Further back. My first two boyfriends.

One was on the swim team at Katy High. His name was Justin. Since he was on the swim team, he knew how to shave his legs very well. So he taught me that the pink daisy and the pink shaving cream work the best. No razor burn. What a weird thing for a boy to teach me. He also taught me Volkswagens. He had an orange Scirocco. He hated it when you called it orange. "It's Mars Red!" Haha! I found him. Still in Houston. I'm not going to email him or anything. I was just curious. And bored.

I couldn't find the other one: Jean-Paul. He was from a rich part of Houston. He taught me about Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and other hard new wave music. I was 16, he was 19. He also was my first real experience with "relationship drama". We'd get stoned together and laugh our asses off at Blossom. Or, we'd get stoned and one of us would get paranoid. His family was from Trinidad, but he only spoke with the accent when they were all together. For homecoming my sophomore year, we double-dated with Sonja and Rhett. Sony and I wore black dresses. The boys wore tuxedos on top, and jeans and boots on the bottom. We got our pictures made, and then bailed to get wasted and eat Jack-in-the-Box. I will never forget crossing Mason Road in fancy dresses, to go buy cigarettes, while the boys waited in the drive-thru. JP's friend, Soliel, had loaned me the dress. I have no recollection of giving it back to her. Guess I stole it. Jean-Paul moved. First to Florida for a month, then to France. didn't find him. I was just curious. And bored.

watching the squirrels
she patiently lies in wait
one of them will fall