Monday, November 27, 2006

wanna see how things turned out? Of course you do!

this is the bacon part of my cornbread stuffing. It's a lot of bacon. Also, please note the 3/4 of an apple behind the bacon. The other 1/4 was already in the turkey. It was the biggest apple you've ever seen.

and of course, Thanksgiving is all about the starches, so we had two kinds of potatoes, cornbread in the stuffing, and sourdough bread, to sop up any errant gravy

and finally, this year's most successful dish: THE BIRD

I am offically over eating leftovers. We ate them for three days, straight.

And now, it's time to move into the holiday season. I wish that it would cool down, just a touch. It's hard for my brain to reconcile 80° temps with all of the holly, jolly decorations. Then again, those have mostly been up since Halloween, so I just need to adjust the internal thermostat, I guess.