Friday, November 17, 2006

man, I hate small-mindedness. I was reading the local paper online, and there's a story about a tattoo shop being denied a permit. The commissioner of the revitalization project actually said he thought the business could attract crime. Any business could attract crime, you douchebag. A tattoo shop is no more likely than a children's toy store to attract crime. Fucking judgemental. I've even had to talk to my mom about that stuff. She is not a big fan of tats, that's no secret. She hates that I have four of them. I even quoted the "Inked" theme song to her once. You look at my skin; outside, not what's inside. But she knows that I am a smart, capable, well-rounded person. Why would anyone think they could know somebody based solely on what they look like? I have known some outwardly beautiful people, who had some of the ugliest spirits you've ever seen.