Friday, November 10, 2006

Dear Mother Nature~

Dammit, I am wearing my boots tonight. Do you hear me? I don't care about sweaty legs. I believe that you will cooperate. After all, it's my birthday. Well, not today. But it *is* my birthday weekend. It is the second week of November, fer cryin' out loud. And it was 85 yesterday. I have seen forecasts. They would lead me to believe that the temp will be rapidly dropping this afternoon. I have been fooled before. I really, really like these boots. AND IT IS NOVEMBER! It's time for boots. And sweaters. There are supposed to be two times a year when the weather is temperate. And this is one of them. So, please, I beseech you: I know global warming sucks, and I haven't used a CFC since the heyday of my eighties-stizz big bangs, so please-be cool tonight.

Yours in Frye Boots,