Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Please excuse Heather from blogging last week. She had a case of the "just don't want to"s. Also, please excuse her from P.E. indefinitely. And math.

yer mom

Let's talk about Halloween. I requested the night off. I hope this weekend will be busy, but I just can't see a lot of costumed craziness at the wine bar on Halloween proper. And I think I'd like to get in on some costumed craziness. I am thinking Maude Lebowski, but we'll see. Whatever it is, it has to be cheap, and no underwear as outerwear. That means no slutty nurse, no slutty nun, no slutty schoolgirl, no slutty beekeeper, no slutty librarian, no slutty lion tamer, no slutty engineer, no slutty dj--you get the idea. Maybe I'll dress up as a Pilates teacher. humour.