Friday, October 13, 2006

First of all, let's discuss why I am awake at 8 am. Not just awake, but dressed and ready to go. Except I am a dumas, and I left an hour early. I was thinking I had to be somewhere at 8 am, but it's not until 9 am. I could be sleeping still.

Not much to say about the Fair. Got a fried food hangover, and laid around Tuesday night, battling dirty tummy. I regret not buying Song of the South. There's a booth with it on dvd. It's not banned outright, but it hasn't been seen since 1986. Not legally. I hate being told what I can and can't see, on the grounds that it "might be offensive." I will never understand why if you don't like something, you can't just look away. No! Nobody can look at it! It offends.

Also, the funniest thing I saw the whole the day would have to be the misspelled tent.

It's either that tent or the sign on the baby ducks (ducklings?) that read, in part, "ducks are occasionally raised for meat, but more often, they are raised as "pets", for personal pleasure." Quotes around pets are theirs, not mine.

It's flipping cold outside! It's 48ยบ farenheit. Brrr! That's pretty chilly, in my opinion. And with that in mind, I am off to play photographer for a while.