Sunday, September 10, 2006

I took the Black Satin off my nails. I need a rest, so I can appreciate it more. Also, in the past two weeks, I have gotten many hits when people search things like "where can I buy Chanel Black Satin"? and other types of queries of a similar nature. People! I bought two bottles. I have a spare, still in the box. Send me an email. I am accepting offers. *devilish grin*

heh...Smang and I made identical posts. We have the same thoughts a lot. I guess because we live together.

Did I tell you that I got promoted at work? Yeah, I get to be behind the bar one night a week. It's a little bit more money, and also requires a little bit more wine knowledge.

Hey, 'member that one time, when I said putting botulism in your head was wierd and stupid? Yeah, well since I am aging, and wrinkly between my eyes, lately, I find myself thinking "maybe a tiny bit, like a micro-does, for the worrry lines?" I still won't get Botox. I am not into looking like my face in frozen into a kabuki mask of constant surprise, but I can see its appeal now. Maybe I should stop scowling so often.

I was at the movie theatre next door to the wine bar yesterday. And, there in their lobby, I came upon Envy magazine. I grabbed one. It has a cover price, but I made no attempts to pay. I simply turned to the masthead, sought out The Meaty's name, and began to loudly tell people, "I know him! I know him! He's 5 on my speed dial. I totally know him!" I am that asshole.