Tuesday, August 01, 2006

dude! My moms asked me if I would be interested in going on a vacation with her. Just me and my mom. We have never done that before. She recently got a passport, and is quite keen to travel somewhere that requires one. We spoke of Mexico, Aruba, Jamaica or maybe even Europe. We're not talking a long trip, either. Three days, two nights type of thing. Oh man, I am almost giddy at the prospect of this. I am, of course, romanticizing, because she and I bicker after several uninterrupted days together, owing to the fact that we are so damn similar sometimes. I can't wait to plan this.

P.S.~ August 27th is the championship bout for the 2006 Dallas Derby Devils season. Come one, come all to the Arlington Skatium. I will not accept no for an answer. Come and show your love for the Suicide Shifters! EAT SHIFTER!