Monday, August 07, 2006

CAUTION! Cape does not enable user to fly.

Let's say you live in Texas, as I do. And you were mad for your dog, as I am. I love showering her with presents and treats. She likes receiving presents and treats, so it works out well. We also live with another canine. They're friends, and generally speaking, when one gets a treat, the other does, too. As I mentioned, this is Texas. If you'll take a gander at your calendar, you'll notice that we are in the throes of August. Sweltering summmer in Texas. So, when you see things like Frosty Paws, you want to get that for your dog. And the other dog gets some too. Every mammal is happy. Being that the two humans who live here are *not* dogs, we stick to Ben & Jerry's flavors of various deliciousness. But, you see a frozen treat for a dog, and you think to yourself, "well, the box says no sugar added. How bad could it possibly be?"

Take it away, Smang:

So, the lesson we've all learned here? Dog treats are for dogs only. Thank you for your support.