Saturday, April 01, 2006

Run away! Run away!

I cut off all my hair. It was a gradual process, but from January 05 to Monday of this week, my hair just kept getting shorter and shorter. Now, it's all the way short. Like, I couldn't cut off anymore with being Mia Farrow as she fights demons in the Dakota building.

I like working for the wine bar. My only complaint is that there are at least seven, and as many as 10 restaurants under our corporate umbrella. They should make with some health benefits. Because our paychecks are usually what, like $7 anyway, right? Use that $7 towards us being able to go to Primacare should we fall ill.

I wish that Smang worked nights, too. Because when I come home, I'm always all about hanging out with her and watching some Tivo or playing on the computer or what have you. But it's usually between midnight and 1am when I stroll in. Since she has a day type job, that's ostensibly when she should be sleeping. I keep her awake, true, but no more so than the Food Network.

Speaking of, does anyone else find themselves craving whatever's being prepared or discussed on Food Network? Swear to jebus, I came home last night, and Bobby Flay was doing some smoked ham thing. And I was all "I totally want a ham biscuit right now." And then, Alton Brown was showing how to make sushi, and suddenly, I wanted sushi! I am very susceptible to suggestion.

all right, don't forget: tomorrow, 7pm, Arlington Skatium, 5515 S. Cooper in Arlington, TX, ROLLER DERBY! I am one of the score chicks this time. I don't get to carry my Jersey Runaway sign, but I *do* get to be on the floor with my skate queen. Please come out and cheer for your favorite Derby Girl. Details can be found here!