Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Run away! Run away!

my heterosexual lifemate has returned from the Arizona desert. We sat on the couches last night, and just chatted. Then, we got caught up on some Tivo. It sounds weird, but I felt all kafuffled being in the house without her this weekend. I'm glad she's home.

I got a new Sprint phone. I KNOW! I said I was going to dump Sprint. And then, my fabulous purple phone met an unfortunate demise, and I was without a form of contact (no house phone) and I couldn't wait. This new one is going back, because the volume control on it does not work, and when I press "end" to end a call, it turns off. I know I'm not holding down the button that long.

My mom and my Nanny thought up a roller derby name for me. I reminded them that I will only be announcing, not skating. My aunt wants me to be Pepper Picante. Anyone in my family immediately gets that. If you're not in my family, we'll just say I'm a spicy tomato, and leave it there. Ang and I were also talking about the name "99 Problems". I could use the song as my intro. Because I totally have 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one. The drawback there is the amazing BeBe Gunns is # $99 (because that's how much beebee guns cost), so it could be an issue. Any clever and pun-tastical names you can think of, please let me know. Please be aware that creativity counts, as the league's been around for about a year, and you have to have an original name.

I have to go teach the late night class. I don't think 6:45 is too bad. This particular class used to be held at 7:30, so you wouldn't get out until around 9pm. No thanks. Then I will retire to the Little Green House, smoke my one cig of the day and enjoy the 90° weather. And that's why I live in Texas.

Thank you and good night. Please remember to tip your bartenders and servers. Try the veal!