Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Run away! Run away!

all right. That was monumentally stupid. I do not ever recommend quitting without a back-up plan. I am waiting tables this Saturday night, so I've got an interim back-up plan. My former co-worker is trying to help me find something. I just could not go on. VW is calling me at work and I owe money to every utility in Dallas and my roommate is still waiting for two months rent and I am only making $11/hour with NO benefits and I have been busting my ass, coming in early and staying late, to try to make this work...it just wasn't a way I could continue. I have interviewed 68 people since I started this job. Two people of those 68 have been hired. The final straw was last Friday, when a client took a candidate who was less experienced and $8K MORE expensive than my candidate. Apparently, my candidates are not good. Which means that their recruiter must be lacking something. (psst: that's me, in case you're confused). So, now I am on the computer, knowing how futile that is. I have a plan to get something today. But it's also only 8:30 and I know for a fact that it would be closer to 10am before anyone arrives at any restaurant. I hate being so fucking stupid and emotional.