Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Run away! Run away!

what a day I'm having! First, I had a migraine yesterday. Like, a full-on, nausea-inducing, flashing lights, axe in the head, migraine. Suck. So, I got my FSM Bless America sticker yesterday. I wanted to put it on my car right away, but since I was a little sick, I opted to stay on the couch, where it was quiet. So, this morning, I was going to put my new sticker on. but my back window was all dewy and wet. I decided to take it with me to work. So, I get to work. I got one start, and my one interview for today canceled. So, to wit, I have had four interviews scheduled so far this week. And I have had four cancellations. The hell? So, leaving work today, I decided that I had to put my sticker on. Well, in my haste, I applied my sticker slightly askew. To most people, it's no big deal. To me, it's a geometric travesty. Seriously, I searched for a way to remove and then re-apply. To EvolveFish's great credit, it's extremely stuck to window. So, i have to order another one and wait until it arrives to fix the problem. Since they're $10, I'm not in too much of a hurry. All right, post-work, I came home and got changed. I was supposed to start teaching at studio e in Deep Ellum tonight. Tuesdays, 6:45pm. I get there, and peek in the room. One student and one empty mat. Two people...not so bad. So, out of the office comes a tiny Hispanic woman. She asks if I'm there to take yoga. I proudly exclaim, "No, I'm Heather and I'm here to teach yoga. This is my class now." This comes as quite a surprise to the tiny Hispanic woman, who happens to be the teacher every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45pm. So, she calls up BJ (who does all the scheduling). She's extremely upset. I don't blame her. I stand there uselessly, while she angrily speaks with BJ. Suddenly, she looks at her cell phone incredulously, then look at me and says "BJ wants you to teach tonight!" I've already put my coat back and and begun to dig for my keys in my giant purse. "Oh no, I'm good. Just have BJ call me. I don't want to be involved in this mess." I turn to walk out of the office and come face to face with Smang's soon-to-be-ex. We both looked away, and neither of us said a word. We're not in hate with each other or anything, but what am I gonna say to him? So, yeah. I drove away from studio e as fast as I possibly could. I don't foresee my going back. NeighborStacie is RIGHT! I *do* bring the drama.