Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Run away! Run away!

or, I'll come back two days later and post. So...what's new? Mostly loving my job. I get frustrated, because I sometimes feel like I'm on a rudderless ship. But, I also am quite capable of asking questions when I don't understand something. The most frustrating part is trying to find good candidates for jobs like $10/hour receptionist. Everyone who's good wants lots of money (which they deserve, because they're good) and everyone who's in the right price range is not so good (which is why they're in the lower income bracket). Plus, I don't have to deal with any jerkfaces. My boss won't take shit from clients and won't work with beligerent candidates.

So, recently, someone told me they didn't believe in evolution. I was quite shocked and didn't realize that someone so unenlightened would exist today. Well, at least in my circle of friends. They even said "evolution is just a theory, Heather." Yeah? So is gravity. Or relativity. So, anyway, this was on Monday. Since Ang had a photo shoot, I had no one to watch the Golden Globes with. I saw Gwyneth Paltrow looking all matronly and ruffly and called my mom to discuss her awful dress. Then, I pounced. "Mom, can I ask you a question? Do you believe in evolution?" She pretended that she hadn't heard what I said, "Huh?" "It's not a trick, Mom. I'm just curious: do you believe in evolution?" "Oh, well, um, I, well actually, no I don't." "So, let me get this straight think Jebus put us on this earth to walk with the dinosaurs?" "I don't know about all that, Heather. But I do not believe in evolution" "Okay, mom. That's is all I wanted to know." I swear to you here and now that I am buying a "Flying Spaghetti Monster Bless America" sticker for Greta. Because seriously! HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION?!?!? And that my mom would consider intelligent design as a valid scientific theory makes me want to cry a little bit. Her complete 180° from being a liberal, open-minded, former hippie to foaming, anti-choice, anti-science, extreme conservative is quite off-putting. It's the main reason I choose to skip most family gatherings. I am an outcast in my own family. So is my older sister. But she's insane! I am totally not insane.*

I am going to continue my search for a payroll processor now. And then tonight, it's Nero's duty. I also need to go to my soon-to-be residence and do some laundry. And Dyson for Smang.

* I kid; I kid