Friday, January 20, 2006

Run away! Run away!

dude. Fucking Sprint has failed to provide any of the things they promised so that I would keep Sprint after they let a fucking convicted felon have access to my name and social security number. All that shit went down in December. January's almost over and they STILL haven't kept up their end of the deal. Fuckers. (side note: I am Cursey Curserson today)

So, I think I will be couching it tonight. I have so much Tivo to pour through. Mmm, Tivo!

I am slightly concerned about that the status of my yoga studio. Again with a rudderless ship. The owners are never there. They don't have desk people. It's concerning.

all righty roo, I'm going to search through these resumes again and hope that the perfect offfice manager turns up.