Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Remember, back in February, when I taught you not to run in the house? Well, this lesson is similar. It involves no indoor cartwheels.
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Now I have a broken phalanx. Which only sounds cool. Okay, lesson learned? Then let's move on.

The Flake went to the lake with me for the official "let's see who can spend the most money" festival. He was all kinds of excited because Nanny and Uncle Frank have a house literally on the lake. And just around the corner, my grnadparents house is on the golf course. Woo: fishing and golf. Nanny said if we come back that us girls can go to the mall at the Woodlands (one hour away) or antique-ing in Huntsville (10 minutes away). I am not one of those people for whom antique is a verb.

The visit with the fam was interesting. My granddaddy was as grumpy as ever. I kind of love him because he's a crotchety old coot, rather than holding it against him. We're idealogically as opposite as we can be. But he's still my granddaddy. My gramma is as sweet as ever. My cousin is humongous, and he's a freshman in college. I remember when he was four, and I was 16, we were in the back of his parents car, singing an a capella rendition of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from "The Little Mermaid". And now, he's halfway through his first year of college. My mommy and step-dad were there. Mommy, The Flake and I made a trip into Trinity to get some batteries and ended up in a scratch-off ticket frenzy for a solid 30 minutes. My little sister, her husband and their 3 kids were there, too. Two of the kids are her husband's biological children, but not hers. She only gave birth to one of them. The littlest one was named Aidan. He's got red hair and some developmental problems. So, my sister said to him "You annoy me". He's two! We won't discuss my sister anymore. I think that's everyone. Wait, did I mention my Uncle Jimmy and his girlfriend with the smoker's rasp and yellow teeth? Yeah. Oh! I brought Lucy Fur, my aunt's dacshund-rottweiler mix, T-bo was there, and Jimmy and The Smoker brought their little dog, Sybil. I'm glad my grandparents left their two Jack Russells at their house.

I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith last night. The movie was good, the ending sucked. I enjoy explosions. But I like a little story, too.

Oh yeah! I called Sprint yesterday, to follow-up on my consolation prizes. The douche tells me that he only agreed to those things for two months. Sooo, I am going to get me a Sidekick II come March-ish. I want to keep my phone number, though. Does anyone know of any amazing deals? Do you love your cell phone provider? Tell me about it.