Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Run away! Run away!

my goodness, my dance card is quite full. I have an appointment with Drs. McNamara and Troy tonight. The restaurant wants me to work. Today is Stephanie's birthday.

All right, here's the scoop: I gave my two weeks today. Which is technically not two weeks. But my boss left early. I'm all set to start my new job. And, I was approaced about a different new job. With a higher salary. And benefits. Which the new job is currently lacking. I am finally going to be doing sales. I've been selling since I got my first waitressing gig at 17. But now, I am going to be doing it on a different level. SO, sales and recruiting for a staffing firm. With my own laptop and business cards. Be proud of me. My current bitchy boss even said she was proud of me and knew that I was better than this position. And then I was all "aww". And then, I still quit.

I went to NorthPark again last night. Sensory overload! And I do like to load up my senses, so that is really saying something. I went up to the SPCA's store. The doggies and kitties had already gone home for the day. Which is okay, because I don't need to see some adorable little face, peeping out at me from behind the cage door, just waiting to be scooped up and loved. Because I fall for it. And then, I am crazy dog lady, with 13 dogs running like the Bumpus hounds through my house. If you know me at all, you know that this is not far-fetched at all.

Sunday, after I posted, I called my friend Steph (see also: paragraph one, birthday today). We went to have brunch at Ferré. We sat at the bar with the absofreakinglutely adorable bartender, whose name means Beloved. Beloved started us out with a couple of mimosas. Steph got coffee, too. I downed my mimosa before she could finish sweetening her coffee. I was two drinks in before we got our bread. At one point, Beloved made us shots with pineapple vodka and tuaca. She and I proceeded to get rip-snorting drunk on a Sunday afternoon. Then, Beloved and the manager took care of our bill. So, we gave Beloved $22 in cash (we each had $11 for some reason), and went to Borders. Then, we went and got pedicures. A good Sunday indeed!

Ok, I am going to finish the title that is front of me and chug some hot chocolate. I can't just drink things. I have to CHUG!