Friday, December 02, 2005

Run away! Run away!

do you know what sucks worse than working three different jobs in one day? I mean, what sucks worse than working 8-5 at one job, teaching a yoga class, and then doing two of the slowest hours ever at a restaurant? I'll tell you: going to one of your best friend's gatherings at a local pub, one that she'd been advertising, on her very public blog as her "un-aversary party", and walking in to see you ex-husband sitting ten feet away from her. Thereby rendering your plans to celebrate with her obsolete.

I had previously spoken of the Lucy channel on my XM radio channels on the teebee. I got bored with Lucy rather quickly. It's not a bad channel, but it's a little akin to listening to The Edge (you know that is the name of the local, Clear Channel-owned, "alternative" station in your town), without the obnoxious local car dealer ads. I decided to check out Fred, which is one channel up, and billed as "classic alternative". I am not sure what that means, but Fred is > than Lucy. This morning, as I was getting dressed, I heard the following songs:

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Straight to Hell - The Clash
Sheena is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones
Dancing Horse - Echo & The Bunnymen
Foxhole - Television
Kids in America - Kim Wilde
Notorious - Duran Duran

I had so much fun dancing around my tiny little bathroom, getting ready this morning. I give Fred two thumbs up. In fact, it's making me consider getting satellite radio for the car, once I am more financially stable. Hey! You don't suppose that was their nefarious plot from the get-go, do you?