Monday, November 14, 2005

Run away! Run away!

shall I tell you about the weekend, then? Alright, Friday...the day. I went to work in the morning. Nothing exciting happened. They gave me a really delicious chocolate molten cake thing. So that ruled. I got off work at 12:30. I went to get my laundry. I called Smang. I came home. I opened the door, stepped inside and paused. Everything was different. Mom and Nanny peeked their heads out from the kitchen. "Do you like it?" they asked. I did. It has greatly improved my chi or my feng shui or whatever. It looks better and it flows better. One small problem with rearranging. They found my stash. To their great credit, they said nothing. To my great credit, neither did I. I know they found it because it was moved to the other side of the closet shelf. Still underneath a stuffed animal and two disused slips. But, it was on the complete opposite side. *sigh* Let's talk presents!

I got a purse. A really kick-ass purse. It's huge. I mean massive. Like, I could put one of those little yappy dogs in there. It could easily serve as an overnight bag, were I to take an overnight trip. Instead, I've opted to put my book, my wallet, and a make-up bag in there. Oh, and gum. So, it's not as full-looking as it could be. And I happen to love it a lot. Like, I don't think I'd have ever bought it for myself. But it really suits me. It's a mocha-y shimmer-y supple leather, with grommets and beige leather roses with copper leather leaves and red, patent leather cherry zipper pulls. And a leopard print lining. It sounds busy? It's really not too bad:

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so you get an idea of how massive it is, here it is next to my big manhand:
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So, I got that, and I love it. I got two checks, which I then took to the grand opening of Nordstrom's at Northpark. *sigh* Two great tastes, which taste great together! So, I walked in the door, straight into the shoe department, threw my arms in the air, and announced loudly, "You can all relax; I am here now." I'm sure they all heaved a great sigh of relief. *insert rolly eyes face here* So, Smang, Mom, Nanny and I wandered in and out of the Kate Spades, the Via Spigas, the heady leahter smell, the outrageous fuzzy boots...the fantastic dream world that is a Nordstrom shoe department. On my third go-around, I saw a pair. A pair I'd normally not have looked twice at. But, they just so happen to complement my new purse perfectly. Ballet flats are always cool, too:

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I also bought some make-up from a fabulous chick named Winter, who was well over six feet tall, and rocking hot pink hair. Love! She convinced me to buy the greenest eyeshadow ever, called "Jealous?" Hee! And also, a highlighter/blushy/bronzer thing, called "Snow Bunny". I love buying make up. It's all about the gifs with purchase. Umm...oh, Smang got me this, so I can take off all the make-up I put on, and keep my face all moisturized in the winter. If it ever does actually becmoe winter, rather than being 85 goddamned degrees in mid-November! What? Oh right, so yeah...presents are good. I thoroughly enjoy presents.

Next up on the calendar is Thanksgiving at Smang's house. I think I'll go to Houston the day after. I hope Smang will go with. Nothing's written in stone yet. It is only the 14th.........