Monday, August 08, 2005

Run away! Run away! is wonderful. I love coffee a lot. My love of caffeinated goodness led me to a jorb with the most parasitc megaconglomocorps there is. I used to go to the Bucks daily. Then, afetr my tenure ended, I started seeking other coffee haus goodness, substituting my triple grande non-fat espresso (please note that there is not an X in that word) with three honeys and a sprinkle o'cinnamon for the 20 oz. french vanilla "cappucino" at 7-Eleven. These days, I tend to drink work coffee (I believe the brand is Neighbor's) with several Coffeemate french vanilla creamers in it. If I could find a way to mainline caffeine directly to my bloodstream (important note: this should not involve needles as they are, ya know, all needle-y and stuff).

I have not practiced or taught yoga in over a week. I have decided that I will start practicing again. And I will again love the practice. Which, in turn, will drive me to want to teach again. Because right now? Not feeling it so much. But it will come again. I have faith. In this anyway.

I should find something productive to do. At least when I update, the tappity-tap-tap sounds like I maybe, possibly, could be working on something :)