Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Run away! Run away!

blech. I feel icky. Mine-a head hurts.

The car: apparently, it was the secondary radiator cooling fan, which wouldn't stop running. Which, in turn, drained the battery. Problem fixed. Let's hope this is an isolated and rare incident. They're fixing the rear driver's side door jamb (the black sticky, anti-element stuff came partially off) and they've fixed the the recall issue, as well. Tomorrow, she should be back in action.

the job: in a weird place. Learning much. Not feeling like part of the fam. They've all worked together for eons. I haven't even been there a month. I'm sure it's some sort of ancillary anxiousness from being fired. Over email. After two fucking years. Oh, by the by, I'll be bitter about that for a bit. Thought you ought to know. I had planned to call Kurt yesterday and call him to the mat on the cowardly, spineless, tactless, pusillanimous way he handled himself. Also, I just really wanted to use pusillanimous in a sentence. In the end though, I've decided he isn't worth the effort. I'm not going to dignify him with any sort of response. I will go in next Tuesday, after work, and pick up my final paycheck. Sayonara, suckweed!

Neighbors Tim and Stacie want to go to Lakewood Landing and eat burgers. I'm not even hungry.

UPDATE!: we saw Kurt when we were coming home from the Landing, we saw Kurt. We were in the Texaco parking lot, about to pull out onto Live Oak. I saw a shirtless guy on a bike in my peripheral vision. I looked a little closer. Suddenly, as I did a double-take, the bike took a hard left and steered away from us. As I exclaimed, "That was Kurt!", Neighbor Tim said "wow, that guy just took a hard turn across traffic to avoid you." NT said he'd been pedaling towards us, saw me in the mirror of the rent car and he ran away. I feel so vindicated!