Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Run away! Run away!

hmm...I have many things to tell you. But I don't really want to talk about any of it. I am working tonight at the restaurant. On the floor. Cash in hand. Please Jeebus, let tonight be profitable. I did check out the reso count (that's reservations for the non-server inclined) on Sunday, and there were quite a few parties. I'm sure I'll get a decent station. This is why I made certain to leave on good terms. Because I just knew I'd go crawling back for some supplemental income.

I just got little flecks of paper towel all over my pants. And I have to wear these pants tonight. Good! I'll make a poor-woman's tape roller out of a mass of scotch tape.

My email and my cell phone have been suspiciously quiet today. I do enjoy some occasional peace and quiet, but it's weirding me out today. No one has anything witty to say? No stupid "if you don't forward this email, you'll have bad luck for a squillion years" stuff? Not even an urban legend to be seen in the inbox. update: I've gotten twelve junk forwards from a friend in the last half hour. Thanks. And stop it now, Other Heather.And the cell phone....the only reason I know it's still working is because I have used it to call Smang about 14 times since 7:30am.

It just occurred to me that our next closing is in nine minutes. It's a grumpy older gentleman. I tried to fax him something earlier, but he wasn't home, so his answering machine just kept picking up. I hate that. He knew I needed to fax this to him. He called to check on it. I called to say that I was faxing it. And still.....nuthin'! What a maroon.

Alright, I'm going to go brush my teeth. Yes, at the office. I realize it's weird, but I have little bits of grape in my teeth. Mmm...you're hungry now, too, huh?