Sunday, June 12, 2005

Run away! Run away!

so, yesterday, I got to meet Bob Schneider. We all know how much I lurve him. He came into Kurt's radio show to do an in-studio. I got to answer phones for the show, so that I could ensure a meeting. He signed my copy of Lonelyland. See:
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yeah, it's a crap camera phone pic, but you get the idea. He put me on the guest list for last night's show. Unfortunately, circumstances conspired against me and I didn't make it to the show. He will be back in July, and I will go then. He was very nice, and he played "C'mon Baby" for me live on the air. Oh yeah, I rule. Well, actually, Bob rules and I'm just a fangirl. But it was super cool. Now, if Kurt can just get a hold of Dave Matthews for me, my rock star meetings will be complete.