Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Run away! Run away!

dude....what the fuck? According to my guidebook for life, (you got one of those at birth too, right?) this is NOT what my life is supposed to be like. I think I may have skipped some chapters or something. But this isn't what I had envisioned for myself. I am working on getting my shit together. I just keep messing that up. I think I've got it, and then I totally misplace it.

My new secret to having fun during my last shifts at the restaurant: 1/2 a vicodin at the start of a shift. I do have to write down more orders, but it does make all the bullshit that comes with our establishment and our 4-star review in the local newspaper so much more fun to deal with. See, I get it. We got 4-stars. That's impressive. We've been busier since the review came out on Thursday. But now the management is lying to get extra staff to cover the rush they're envisioning. The thing is, we only have 40 tables. So, even if we're slammed, we can only seat those 40 tables at one time. We shouldn't have more than 10 serverson shift, ever. And that should only be like, Mother's Day brunch or Valentine's Day dinner. We sould normally run with 8 on a busy or weekend night. They were trying 12 on Friday night. Which means people get two table stations. Which means those people get screwed, as far as covers go. Tonight, I was called into work. I don't work on Mondays at the restaurant. I was told a) that there were 80 reservations (or covers) b) that there were six servers and c) that I'd be cut by 9pm. Only one of those statements was true. I walked out by 8:45. And not having done too badly, either. No big deal. What bugs me is that there were only 42 covers and there were 8 of us there. And the other person that was summoned was pulled off of a catering gig, with a guaranteed $100. Neither she nor I had to do sidework, and like I said, I did okay, monetarily speaking. Not the point. Whatever. It's only another week, right?

My new Tivo box is broken. They're sending me *another* reciever. I am curious how the new reciever could have exactly the same issue. Rather than sending someone out, as I requested, they're sending me my second box in a week. And they gave me a $20 credit on my bill. Awesome, and yet not at all what I was hoping for.

I need new working type clothes. None of my old work stuff fit me anymore, because I was much fatter then. Any suggestions for cute, stylish (please note lack of the word "trendy"), and relatively inexpensive solutions for my sartorial dilemma will be accepted vis a vis the comments section.

And with that, I say good night sir. GOOD NIGHT, SIR!