Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Run away! Run away!

why am I posting so late? Well, The Flake and his dad (herein, Dr. Z.) came up to my restaurant and kept me company. Then, we went to a bar and had some cocktails. Dr. Z. got schnockered. It was great. He's such an interesting, funny, intelligent man. I see where The Flake gets it from. He kept repeating "I'm so drunk...I hope your mom understands". The Flake kept repeating "who cares, you're out with your son and his girl. We're having fun". The Chivas people showed up at the bar we were patronizing to do some sort of promotion. We got free drinks. Since I was already drinking shiraz, my drinks went to Dr. Z. I really should've eaten some dinner. Oh well. I just wanted you to know that it was wonderful and I didn't want to wait until sunlight to post about it :)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dr. Z vomited all over The Flake's truck last night, after we parted company. I took the truck to get washed today. I gave the little Mexican boy who had to actually touch the vomit a $5, as a way of saying "sorry and thanks". Just for him; no tip share. It still smells like vomit in there.

*Febrezes everything thrice*