Monday, May 23, 2005

Run away! Run away!

My lat muscles were so sore on Friday, from climbing.We're going to the climbing gym again on Wednesday evening. Hooray! Also, is it just me (because we all know that I am ultraclumsy), or does everyone get scrapes and bruises when they climb?

I committed last night to help The Flake finish up his golf thing. He's got these lessons and they count towards his Master's degree. Blah blah blah golf-cakes. So, I am reading the book that he has to read. Part of the the golf thing is to have at least two people supporting you in your quest. He's got Scott, The Golf Pro. And now me. Golf is not boring me. I'm having fun with it. I have been able to hit the ball 4 times out of every 5. I need to work on direction and aim and swing, but who cares? I. Made. The. Ball. FLY! Go me! After he finishes golf, we'll work on some sort of self improvement for me. We also met the Golf Wizard last Thursday. Remind me to tell you about that later. :)

I have a class tonight at 6:30pm. I taught last Wednesday night at 6:30pm. I am teaching this coming Friday night at 6:30pm. That's 3 night classes. Also, the teacher who has the Friday night class has a dance show this summer, and wants me to take that class. I would give her the Sunday, 8am class, because she's got that time. I like trading class for class. Everyone wins!

I watched three movies on Saturday. First, we watched Closer. I thought it was a good movie, but it's definitely paced s-l-o-w-l-y. I get it. It used to be a play. Well, plays and movies are different beasts, so when converted stage to screen, please pick up the pace a little. Thank you. Then, we went to see Unleashed. That was a great movie. I had a few logic problems with some things (If Jet Li has lived in Glasgow since he was very small, wouldn't he have some sort of Scottish burr?), but I thought it was overall a great. Lastly, we watched Meet the Fockers. Some of it was funny. Some of it was meh. It was the perfect rental. And that was just Saturday. We rented Blade: Trinity last night. I *heart* Ryan Reynolds. I almost went to see the Amityville Horror remake, just so's I could watch his abs for a few hours. *whew* Is it hot in here? That lucky Alanis Morissette.

I hope someone can come relieve me soon. I need a break to run to my house. Blah.