Saturday, May 21, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I almost forgot to tell you my airport story. I picked up Patrick at DFW airport yesterday. As I was waiting for him near baggage claim, I noticed some guys that had to be in a band. They were all rocking mullets, various piercings and were holding those black and silver cases that musicians haul their gear around in. None of them looked familiar. As Patrick arrived, and we waited for his bag, we began to joke. I knew that The Wildflower Festival is this weekend. So, I said half-kiddingly that it had to be Huey Lewis' back-up band. "Oh, you think it's The News", Patrick joked. So whatever. We finally get his bag, and as we're walking out, I saw him. Better than Huey Lewis. It was Rick Fucking Springfield! All old and grey, but it was him! He looked right at me and I grabbed Pat's arm. "did you see him?!?!" Haha! [/semi-celebrity encounter]