Friday, March 25, 2005

Run away! Run away!

yesterday, between my 9am class and my noon class, I decided to go to the Sprint store and pay my vill in cash. The long-haired hippie behind the counter told me to go to the back of the store and use their cash accepter machine thingy. So, I ambled back there. It's the crappiest touchscreen in the history of touchscreens. After it took one bill at a time, it would overload and spit a reciept at me. On my fifth try, I grew frustrated and yelled "Gah! I'm going to break this damn thing!" and looked around helplessly. So, this young, urban dude walks over and grunts "what seem to be the problem?" I explain my dilemma. He says "what you celly, girl?" "Huh?" "Girl, what's your number?" "OH! *gives him cell # and password*". As he's trying to get this hunk of junk to work,. Jay-Z's "H to Izzo" comes on the stereo. I happen to love that song. It's on one of my mix cds in the Jeep. I begin to lipsynch with the song. Not sing along, mind you. Just moving my mouth with the words. It comes to the part where Jigga raps "Let 'em know what a nigga look like when a nigga in a roaster", which I lipsynch. Young, urban dude looks at me and huffs "Don't you ever use that word in front of me again!" I'm supremely confused, as I haven't actually said anything. Then it hits me. I thinks I said the n-word. I get offended. I didn't actually say anything. Jay-Z said "nigga" twice in one verse, I lipsynched along and to this dude, now I'm ready for my white hood. Whatever, asshole. I didn't say it. I sang along. And I will not apoligize for that. Also, why is it ok for Jay-Z to say nigga, but I can't? How does young, urban dude get to make that decision? I could be a mulatto, for all he knows. Arrongant little prick. Also, he was unable to make the shitty cash accepting machine thingy work any better than I was. Four reciepts later, and my bill got paid.