Tuesday, January 18, 2005

They Said it's Probably Better That Way So, I Just Let it Be

Run away! Run away!

hmm...the punk rawk color of my hair has grown on me. I still think the bangs are too short. But hey, it's just hair. It'll grow.

Last night, at 9:40 p.m., I was in my jammies, in bed, reading a book. Then, somehow, at 11:00 p.m., I was in a small pub calling my Ridiculously Cute Workmate a pussy for going home and not doing one more shot. Oh, and there may have been some belligerency about bacon, egg, and cheese tacquitos and my ability to drive. Good times. The RCW missed all my drama at the end. Whatev. He was all "I have to work lunch tomorrow." And I was all "So do I!" My, but he is adorable, though.

I was also told by a boy that I am awesome because I like zombie movies and I drink beer from a bottle, but still bake cakes and go shoe shopping. I like to call that "batshit craziness", but your mileage may vary :)

I cannot seem to find my Bob Schneider Lonelyland cd. It's karmatic justice for stealing from Scannell in the first place. *rues the day* I need to just go to the cd store and buy another copy. I need to go to that particular shopping center anyway. Bu I am convinced that the second I buy the replacement cd, I'll find the missing copy.

I have this Thursday off from nannying. It seems that the Pickle Girl's Daddy is home this week, because he's recording an album. So, I'm working for them Friday night, so that the Pickle Girl's Mommy can go see PG'sD perform. Oh, and I'm running food Saturday night. I usually don't work Saturday nights, but they asked, and I am not busy.

Ok, I need to figure out what the hell to do with the rest of my night now. Not The Boy wants to come over. My buddy from the restuarant wants to "hang out". A friend from the yoga studio wants to go eat. But, you know me. I'm going to end up on the couch, reading a book.