Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yay, there are only three days left in this year.

The Mexican & I got a suite at a downtown hotel for the holiday. Our patio alone held 23 people. According to the note on the door, anyway. Christmas eve was beautiful, just a small group of us, playing board games and watching movies until the sun came up. Christmas was looking to be more of the same, but the guest list grew suddenly at 3am. I hung out for a while, but I left my own hotel room, because I needed better crowd control. I came home and enjoyed the quiet until I fell asleep.

The new job is going pretty well. It's a little bit of an adjustment. Being the new kid is never fun, since I have to prove my worth. I'm worthy, but it's just a little tough to prove that to new people.

Wanted: Companion. Sex irrelevant. Must have large collection of trivial knowledge & ability to use said knowledge under pressure. I will provide couch/loveseat and Dr Pepper. You must provide the good company.