Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our work uniform is sort of masculine. It's a white tuxedo jacket (although the lady version has boob darts), a white button-down shirt (mine's a Target men's small), black pants and polish-able black shoes. So, it's tough to know how people dress when they're off, because that's the stuff we always wear.

I have a lady manager. She wears skirt suits, and non-slip heels and dresses for work, as a lady manager should.

Tonight, this newbie kid at work was talking to the lady manager. I guess he'd overheard a snippet of a conversation between the two of us. He told our lady manager, "I get the idea that in off-time, you wear a lot of dresses and Heather wears like, cargo shorts and Vans and flip-flops." Way to be almost completely wrong, kid. Lady manager dresses like a dude, and I have a closet full of dresses.

I wear the hell out of some flip-flops though.