Saturday, July 31, 2010

I can't stop watching High Fidelity all of the sudden. I quoted it to someone somewhere, and then watched it three times in 24 hours. "Charlie! You fuckin' bitch! Let's work it out!!" Oh, Rob. I get you. I get you so hard.

Did I tell you that Lucy Fur has glaucoma? Poor oldladydog. Otherwise, she's in great shape, considering that she's a geriatric.

I am gettin' mah hair did again next week. I want to go blacker. I may even let him cut it a little this time. It's awful, the growing in stage. I just want it to be long, so it can make buns and ponytails and braids. That's right, I want it to be long, so I can tie it up and have not feel long. Oh, I'm such a conundrum.

I think I can squeeze in one more viewing of High Fidelity before work. "Allison! Married! Kevin!! I am fine now!!"