Friday, June 18, 2010

I have decided I want some mirrored aviator shades, to go with my new hair color and decidedly grouchy disposition. I am hoping to find some for cheap at Ahab Bowen (supercute vintage store) or Tarzhay (v.v. exclusive little French boutique). I'd prefer some that are large, but we'll see what I find.

Also, after reading Daddy Likey for a while, I bought her book, and am going to take a Sunday off soon and re-do my closet on my own. I have plenty of clothes, and some of them are really awesome. I just need to look at my stuff with new perspective. I actually bought some flower hair clips from Lucy Goosey, based on her recommendation, too. And those turned out to be perfect for the awkward growing-in stage my bangs are in right now. Also, Lucy Goosey's customer service is AMAZING and if she doesn't have the colors you're looking for, she'll make them. Look how flippin' adorable the pansy is (please excuse the grimace. It was very bright outside):

Go buy Winona's book and Fiona's flowery greatness. Because they both seem pretty cool. Let's support cool chicks.

Lucy had to go to the vet unexpectedly this week. She's been on a boiled chicken and rice diet all week and she is loving it. She lost a little weight from being ill, so she's getting to eat a little extra. She's loving that, too. I get pretty nervous when my pets get sick, so I'm glad it's just a matter of antibiotics and diet. I am happiest when Lucy and Ulysses are snoozing peacefully with me nearby.

I was going to embed another Kings of Leon video here, but I need some new music. I'm not giving up on any of my favorites, I'm just looking for some new ones. And I don't have Smang just down the hall to make cds for me anymore. :(