Monday, May 10, 2010

I did a perfect arabesque in ballet on Friday. Woo! I should be able to stand on toe-shoes in a year. Pirouette soon will follow.

I got my weight back down to my comfort zone. I celebrated by ordering 10 buffalo wings for lunch/dinner.

I want to paint my living room. I also want to hang some art. Basically, it's been a year (this week) in the Du II, and maybe it's time to unpack the final box and put some stuff up on the walls and live here.

If I can find a way to teach yoga in pajamas tomorrow at noon, I won't have to get dressed the whole day. It would also be taking laziness to an all new level. It's good to have goals.

Oh, work dramz: I have five shifts this week. Four of them are as a cocktail server. This doesn't work for me. I'm a server, not a drink slinger in heels.