Sunday, December 06, 2009

I want to redo my bathroom. I need to redecorate everything, but the bathroom is always the easiest place to start. You can change the entire theme for less than $150, including paint for the walls and towels for your heiney.

I'm back to sleeping on the couch. There's a large foundation crack in the Du II, and it's in mah bedroom. So mah bedroom is not as warm as the couch, which is pretty much directly beneath the vent. And I got a Slanket (a faux slanket, rather) for my birthday. And a new teebee. So, I like it out here. It's hell on the spine, though.

I am going to karaoke tonight. A buncha people from work are going. I don't mind socializing on a Sunday night. Just so long as I can take my own car, in case I need to leave way before everyone else is ready to go.

I stayed in, ordered hot wings and watched 16 Candles and Breakfast Club. I miss you, John Hughes!

Except I'm not taking *my own* car, I'm taking my crappy rental. I am scheduled to get my car back on the 9th. That's 15 days after the accident. Lame. I miss my car.