Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I went to Target today, after my yoga class. Just some essentials-- paper towels, toilet cleaner, sponges. I was driving home down the busy thoroughfare I live at end of. I was in the right hand lane, in front of the credit union. All of the sudden, a white car in the left hand lane turned in front of me, trying to get into the credit union. There was a fraction of a second for me to hit the horn, stand on the brake, and turn the wheel. And yet, it still felt like time completely slowed down. There was a sickening, scraping KEE-RUNCH!

He got out of his car and said "damn cellphones...I didn't even see you." *shakes head* In Dallas, if you're not injured, and the cars are drivable, they ask that you don't call emergency services. He immediately gave me his insurance information, and his cell number. He had a on t-shirt that read "Somebody'sLastName Body Shop". He said, "lemme pull this out so you can at least drive home." There was no pulling out the damage.

My car is in the shop. I recently work up with a throbbing headache. I have a scratch on my chin from the seatbelt. I am driving a Chevy Cobalt rental car, that *I* have to pay for and they'll reimburse me.

Today sucked.