Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I don't quite feel awesome, but I need money. So, I washed my hair, got my uniform out of the dry cleaners, and headed to the Thunderdome. I went in, got dressed and went upstairs to find that I'm not on the floor. I was off today. When the manager told me yesterday to just calm down, and that he'd see me tomorrow, I just assumed I was working. I wasn't. Man! It's like living in that nightmare where you show up for a class, and there's a test, and you don't know any of the material it covers, and it's 90% of your grade.

Reading is FUN-damental.

Also, I am of the opinion that Thera-Flu's nighttime formula ought to work along the lines of Nyquil. Stop my symptoms, and knock me out for 8 glorious hours of sleep. It doesn't. It just tastes like hot Gatorade, and doesn't seem to actually ease my symptoms (coughing up disgusting things, feeling like my limbs weigh 500 lbs., righteously deep voice). Need better meds.

I'm going to lie back down and finish my book. Hakuna matata!