Monday, June 08, 2009

Hey, 'member that one time when I fell down the stairs at work? Went to the doctor this morning, and it turns out that I tore some cartilage in my knee. It's infected, too. So, hooray anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Oh, and hooray for painkillers, too.

Now, I am going to be in a suspended animation state on my couch. Breakfast Club just started 15 mins ago on HBO2. Maybe order a little Thai food delivery.

Oh, I know what I was going to tell you. I teach yoga for and am friends with a very wealthy Dallas socialite. She's a kind, funny, and beautiful person, and we get along great. I'd been haranguing her to come in to see me at the restaurant for a while now. She finally came in on Friday night. (without a reservation) So, when she asked for me, she was informed that my tables were all occupied. I made arrangements with the general manager and another server to get them set up and well taken care of. While my socialite friend and her husband and the rest of their party were waiting in the bar, a third server followed the socialite into the bathroom, trying to convince her that they knew each other and that *she* should wait on their table. When the socialite came to me and said "love, who is that? She keeps following me around the restaurant, and just followed me to the restroom.", I lost my temper. That third server is what we in the business call a shark. She was trying to steal the table from the other server. Um, hello Carcharodon carcharias. Those are my friends. Stop trying to steal the table because you know that she's rich. I gave my managers an earful, since that's not the first table she's stolen or attempted to steal. We don't work at a titty bar, so you can't just grab any guest because you think you'll make money off them. I was so mad. I'm mad now just thinking about it.

I am going to take another Lortab and sleep for three more hours.

UPDATE: I'm not napping because the ac crapped out and it's 90 goddamned degrees in here and I'm sweaty and uncomfortable. #fml