Friday, April 24, 2009

We're here. Thoughts about my trip:

Oklahoma is a long-ass drive. Jesus!

There is nothing but casinos and police cars in Oklahoma.

I got another speeding ticket. Before I'd even left Texas. Jesus christ, that's three of them in two months. I swear to both of my readers here and now that I will slow down.

We ordered the saganaki (sp?) (the flaming cheese) and they brought us ouzo. Most of us did it as a shot, except my aunt, who sipped hers the rest of the way through dinner.

I was shocked (shocked!) to find delicious lamb chops at Mythos Greek restaurant in Joplin, MO.

Oh, and my mom was too busy gambling today to let us into our hotel room (it's under her name, so technically it's her room). So, we went to Olive Garden and started drinking. Win win situation.

I shall post pics from tomorrow's festivities.

Live long and prosper.