Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sorry for not posting. My cousin was still here, and I was trying to amuse him, and I am pretty sure no one is amused when I am in a corner of a room, typing away on the laptop.

Speaking of, the wireless card in my laptop died. So, I have to have a reaaaaaaaaaaally long cord from the modem to the laptop. Cuts way down on portability.

So, I had insomnia the first night back from MO., and put together an album for the camera-phone pics from what I've been referring to as Nerdwedding or Nerd Day '09. Here's the album, if you're interested.

All right, I'm going to shower and get dressed for yoga. I need time to do my hair, since Wednesday = braid day at the Thunderdome. It's the little things we do to amuse ourselves.