Friday, March 20, 2009

As you may or may not know, Smang turned 279 years old on Monday. I like doing theme presents. This year's theme was "As Seen On TV". I found a SmoothAway, a Snuggie and a ShamWow.

Last night, we took the ShamWow for test drive, to see if it would really work. It's made in Germany, like all the best stuff.

First up, we pour a glass of water on the table.

We see if the small ShamWow will suit our needs.

It will not. We get the big one. It absorbs the entire cup of water.

The table is mostly dry under the ShamWow.

It reset and readied for its next use.

Hooray for Vince and his ShamWow. Wish I could've found a SlapChop, too.

Stop having a boring tuna; stop having a boring life.