Monday, October 27, 2008

Sporting events-wise, this week has been fantastic for me.

Thursday night, I went to the Mavs game. With a date. I asked him. Go me! The tickets were given to me, and it was pre-season, so I wasn't expecting too much. It was more about the company. I had such a good time that he and I are seeing each other again this week. We'll see what happens there.

Our seats were awesome, though. Seven rows off the floor. We had so much fun! We ate nachos. I drank a Bud Light. He drank a Diet Coke. Here's the view from our seats.

So, that was a blast.

Then, Sunday morning, I was lying in bed. Not up to much. Suddenly, my phone blew up. Noeliwicious was calling me as J was texting me simultaneously. Both said the same thing. Call our friend, Chazzy, right away. Spare ticket to the Cowboys game vs. the Bucs. Chazzy said "get your ass over here right now. We're leaving in 20 minutes." HOLY SHIT.

I washed my face, put on some mascara and hoped for the best. I made it to his house in 19 minutes. We all met in the lobby. We ambled outside. "How many cars are we taking?", I asked out loud. "Just the one.", replied Chazzy as he pointed to a stretch limo. Then he says he forgot his sunglasses, and he'll be right back. There were eight of us total. Seven us piled into the limo. I knew four of the seven people. I got to sit next to my favorite of all people.

Chazzy comes running back down with his sunglasses and a bottle of Dom. It was 11:06am. This day was gonna be fantastic. I wasn't going to drink a lot, because I had to work last night. But I am also not in the habit of turning down champagne, let alone Dom. The ride to the game was much fun. Lots of jokes and laughing. We get to the game. We get to the gate, and you're segregated by sex. There were three girls and five guys in our group. Chazzy hands us all our tickets. I don't even really look at it, I just follow the other two girls. We zip right through our line, since the ratio of guys to girls at the game was about 5:1. I was patted down, my purse was searched, and then the group rendezvoused at the end of the security lines.

We started walking through Texas Stadium. It's here I should add that I've never been to a Cowboys game before. And this is Texas Stadium's last season. It is very much a dying entity. We start walking up stairs. I finally look down at my ticket. It reads "LUXURY SUITE" in giant silver letters. We walk up more and more stairs. We walk down a hallway. They open the door. Chazzy's suite is simply awesome. It's on the 25 yard line. There are snacks and drinks out. There's another bottle of Dom. There's a fantastic red & white wine. There are binoculars for each of us. There's a dude named Walter, who attends to our every need. The day just simply one of the most fun I've had since I've lived in Dallas.

The view from our suite:

If I can just get to a Stars game with good seats this week, I'll be done. I'll never need to see another sporting event in this town.

I <3 Dallas.